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(Pet Industry Association) As members of the Pet Industry Association of Australia, we abide by the Animal Welfare Code of Practice, which regulates the responsible sale of pets
Collaroy Veterinary Practice

We want to thank our fantastic vets at Collaroy for looking after us and our customers. Please call Peter and his team on 9971 8487 for all your veterinary advice.

Dog Tech

Training Puppy schools are highly recommended. Between 8 to 16 weeks is the crucial learning stage for social skills and acceptable behavior.
Phone Dog Tech to book in for puppy classes or any other dog behaviour issues.


Getting an animal keeper's licence to keep reptiles

If you wish to keep reptiles, you must get a licence from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). The reptile licensing and record-keeping system allows OEH to monitor which reptile species are being kept, bred and traded amongst enthusiasts.
People who hold a licence can obtain reptiles from other people who legally hold them, including licensed pet shops. Under no circumstances are animals permitted to be taken from the wild.